Sincerity Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

This was actually the first case deal I got from Blanchard’s at $5.50 per bottle back in March. I wasn’t really sure what to expect at the time, but it seemed like a good value for a 7 year old Bordeaux-style blend. It’s 55% merlot and 45% cabernet sauvignon and made from organically grown grapes in the Colchagua Valley in Chile. It’s also a small production wine, with just 3300 cases made (and each bottle is numbered).

The first thing you notice about this wine is that it’s thick, dark, and jammy (and it throws a lot of sediment so you might want to filter and decant it). It’s well integrated and definitely around its peak age, a wine that should be consumed within the next two years or so. There are notes of blackberry, raspberry, chocolate, and a slight hint of honey, with a great balance of tannins, acidity, and fruit. It’s definitely a full-bodied wine best served with rich dishes such as roasts and stews or a strong-flavored steak like ribeye or porterhouse. I’m going to agree with Wine Enthusiast here and give it 90 points.


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