Haut Marin Cuvee Marine 2009

Blanchard’s was sampling this wine a while back, and I enjoyed it there so I picked up a bottle (I think it went for $9). While it doesn’t indicate varietals on the bottle, various online sources have pegged it as being 60% colombard, 20% ugni blanc, and 20% gros manseng.

While this wine initially comes off similar to a sauvignon blanc, the deeper flavors are a bit different. There’s more sweetness and richness, with a bit less acidity than your typical sauvignon blanc. Of course, the notes of melon, pear, and kiwi are what give rise to the comparison, and they’re there in force. The wine went well with the pork I tried it with, but would also work well with poultry or richer seafood dishes. It has a nice balance of crispness and richness, and of acidity and sweetness. 88 points.


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