2009 Altovinum Evodia

I’ve seen this wine around in a few stores, and I think I even bought a bottle a year or so ago. I got this one from Whole Foods for $8 or $9 a few weeks ago. It’s 100% grenache from Spain and comes in a bottle with a very modern, design-y label. One other thing to note is that the wine is a somewhat high 15% alcohol by volume.

The Evodia is rather full-bodied and jammy for a grenache, though the nose is light and floral like most other grenaches I’ve had. Perhaps owing to the high alcohol content, it’s fairly dry and astringent. There’s definitely some blackberry, cherry, and plum, with a little pepper and even a hint of vanilla on the finish. It’s not the most complex wine ever, and probably wouldn’t improve that much with age, but it’s a pleasant and approachable wine that’s great on its own or with strongly flavored foods like pizza or tapas. 86 points.


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