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Maggio 2008 Old Vine Zinfandel

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

I picked this up today at World Market for $8 on sale. I’ve been into the Italian varietals lately, and this seemed like an interesting bottle. Old vine zins since to be all the rage lately, as I’ve seen many other bottles around lately.

As an old vine zin, I was fully expecting this to be a fruity and jammy wine, but the Maggio went well beyond my expectations. There are notes of black cherry, plum, and raspberry, along with pleasantly soft tannins, but the wine is dominated by its jammy thickness. It seems like it might open up and thin out a bit given a few more years in the bottle, but that sugar won’t go away. While there’s a lot to like here, the sweetness and viscosity keep me from giving it more than 87 points.