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Pierre Janny Bourgogne Chardonnay “Echavon” 2007

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

This was the last case deal I got at Blanchard’s before moving out west. I think it was $77 for the case, which works out to about $6.50 a bottle. It’s a white Burgundy that, somewhat unusually for French wines, lists the varietal on the bottle (chardonnay, in this case).

I’d guess that the wine has spent some time in oak, but not a lot — it’s a fairly crisp wine, but with some richness and a medium yellow color that would indicate 6 months or so in the barrel. This is definitely not a California chardonnay; the flavors tend more toward kiwi and strawberry than the banana and vanilla you typically get from Napa. That said, it does have a touch of the buttery finish common to chardonnays and would never be confused for a sauvignon blanc. All in all, it’s a great chardonnay for those who don’t generally like the varietal, and rates a solid 89 points.


Jacques Bourguignon Chablis 2008

Monday, December 13th, 2010

This was a $7 or $8 wine from Trader Joe’s. I bought a bottle a few months ago, enjoyed it, and grabbed a few more the next time we were at the store. It’s a white Burgundy that doesn’t list any varietals but is most likely an un-oaked chardonnay with perhaps a small amount of some other grapes in the mix.

Compared to your typical California chardonnay, this wine is more crisp and fruity than rich and buttery. It’s fairly light in body with notes of kiwi, green apple, and melon. It’s got a pleasant balance of tartness and sweetness, and a versatile character that would go well with anything from light fish and seafood dishes to rich poultry like the braised chicken we had with it. A perfectly drinkable wine on its own, but a great choice to go with a wide variety of meals. 88 points.